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GeoSuite: An all-you-need hydrogeological DMS suite 

GeoSuite is a web based georeferenced relational data management system (DMS) developed especially for California, to facilitate hydrogeological conceptual modelling, GSP construction, and other DMS data serving needs. The DMS frames capabilities required by the SGMA. This includes the ability to create, host, share, interpret, report, and much more. The GeoSuite is carefully developed and designed to ensure a streamlined work process and to give the user a full specter of tools required for any GSP. GeoSuite is based on 20 years of sustainable groundwater management in Denmark and has been carefully re-designed according to requirements in the California SGMA, making it ready to implement by any GSA.

Online Data Management System (DMS) 

Gather all your spatial data on one platform; boreholes, recharge and subsidence data, geophysics/AEM, point data, etc. You name it! GeoSuite contains an advanced georeferenced and easy to use DMS, which enable you to handle all your data consistently. With 2D and 3D support, GeoSuite becomes the center of your DMS workflow. An interactive map will give you a complete overview for any water management task. GeoSuite provides unlimited opportunities for large or small-scale mapping, for internal users or for serving data to external stakeholders. Upload, share and easy update.  

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Manage your water in 3D 

GeoSuite comes with 3D capabilities for an in-depth view of hydrogeological conceptual model (HCM) and geological model. Easy access and online serving of all your data makes GeoSuite an invaluable partner.  

Well Database 

A well database handles everything needed in relation to well- and aquifer management and can automatically monitor thresholds or print lithological logs. Gather, modify, monitor and report on well data. GeoSuite can import already existing well databases and makes management of wells easier. The GeoSuite contain the  tools to be in compliance with the SGMA requirements and comes with a user friendly front-end for your mobile devices to take to the field. QA/QC has never been easier. 

Stakeholder and Public Communication 

Communicate your work to stakeholders and the public in real time. GeoSuite provides you with the capability to present your knowledge directly on your website. With an integrated webbased GIS viewer, it is simple, quick and easy to present your data with GeoSuite.

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Customizable for your needs 

GeoSuite is under active development, ensuring features and functionality that meet and anticipate customer needs. If your organization has special requirements or needs additional functionality, our team of GeoSuite consultants are ready to help you.

For further information about GeoSuite or the possibilities it  provides for your organization, please contact our consultants at