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SGU and I•GIS has signed a comprehensive Umbrella Agreement

In a previous post, we explained how the Geological Survey of Sweden have chosen GeoScene3D to help them find new groundwater resources in Sweden. A series of courses, a lot of collaboration, and a joint industrial postdoc later, SGU and I•GIS has signed an extensive collaboration agreement for the years to come.

At I•GIS we call these exclusive agreements Umbrella agreements as we offer a full-package deal including a variety of products and services all tailored and customized for the specific customer’s needs. In addition to the US Geological Survey, USGS, SGU is the only geological survey who have this kind of agreement with I•GIS.

The Umbrella agreement with the geological survey of Sweden covers:   

  • A variety of GeoScene3D licenses, modules, and extensions covering 9 SGU employees
  • The GeoCloud Data Management System – allowing SGU to share data and results internally and to stakeholders and the public. 
  • A yearly number of hours for customized development of GeoScene3D and GeoCloud to make these products and services even better suited for solving SGU relevant problems.
  • A yearly number of consultancy hours to cover modelling assistance, development and extended support.
  • An agreement on a common effort to apply national and EU funding for common research projects aiming to solve SGU related problems. 

We strongly believe this collaboration agreement will be very fruitful both for SGU and I•GIS. We are proud and humble to be part of the very exiting work SGU is carrying out on 3D modelling and groundwater mapping these years, and we very much look forward to continuing our close collaboration in the years to come.

If you want to know more about the advantages of having an Umbrella Agreement, please contact us at